Montana Mountains


These are scenes which, due to changes in plot or length of book, had to be deleted from the final...

Shelves from an old general store


Accurate details are what makes Reece Butler’s books come alive. Historical (Bride Train) and...

Bannack City Montana


Most books take place in Tanner’s Ford (Bride Train) and the contemporary town of Climax,...

A farmstead in the Bannack City historic site.


A general category where anything goes. Topics range all over the map, depending on which character...

Old Walt from The Badger City Gang, Bride Train 7


  The characters in the Highland Menage, Bride Train and the new Climax, Montana series are...


 Information on the latest Reece Butler books, including when new books will be available,...

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Illegally downloading books is theft. Plagiarism is emotional assault

October 25, 2015

I know my books are being illegally downloaded by trolls stealing my income. That is theft, plain...

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MacDougals in North America

October 4, 2015

Fed up with starvation and too irascible to get along with his clan, in 1835 Finan MacDougal left...

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10 Highland Menage books in a year

September 15, 2015

Last year on this day I headed to Edinburgh, Scotland, for almost three weeks of research. The...

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Campbell and MacDougall feud: Castles

August 31, 2015

Once upon a time the MacDougalls were Lords of Lorn, sovereign princes in the Western Isles....

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