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Overview of Highland series

Hot historical Highlanders

Hot historical Highlanders

There are sixteen MacDougal brothers, all tall and fierce warriors, most with blue eyes and dark hair. They stoutly defend what’s left of the once-mighty MacDougal empire. Their father did little but create many sons, half of them without bothering to marry. The MacDougals have a history of pairing up to find wives, a process made easier due to rumors of an unusual ability to bring much pleasure to lucky women…

Laird Somerled has had to be fierce to keep his brothers alive and the feuding Campbells at bay. His twin, Niall, has a sunny disposition. He must find a wife to produce sons yet he refuses to leave Clan MacDougal land.

Twins Tearlach and Rory raised their younger brothers in the absence of mothers at Duncladach Castle. Tearlach is a true warrior, loving the bracing wind off the sea. Rory, though equally fierce, brings laughter to hard times.

Torquil and Ewan were born under a Beltane moon the same night to different mothers, neither of which were married to their father. Ewan has ‘the Sight’. Torquil has many scars, inside and out. They avoid others.

Cormac‘s bull-headedness is balanced by his calm brother James. Bastards, they are fostered out to the Earl of Caithness at Castle Girnigoe. James is studious, a natural courtier. Cormac would rather fight than talk.

Practical Angus and wild, red-headed Gillis, born to their father’s second wife Maeve, were fostered out to Laird Cameron of Inverlochy Castle, where they ate well and got into a fair bit of trouble, often with help of the heir, Darach.

Identical twins Malcolm and Duff, also born to Maeve, stayed at Duncladach to protect the clan. Malcolm tends to watch silently while Duff plays the fool.

Finn, the only blond, and Dougal were born to sisters within weeks of each other. They enjoy causing trouble.

As the youngest, Artair and Zander feel a need to prove themselves worthy, to themselves and Clan MacDougal.

Captive Bride (Highland Menage 1) Fiona’s a feisty tomboy with nothing to lose but her life. Gillis and Angus have nothing to offer but themselves.
Captive Love (2) Fiona’s uncle, Lord Lovat, threatens to dissolve her marriage with Angus and Gillis unless they prove themselves worthy

A Lady’s Seduction (3) Alana Sinclair must wed to save herself from a brute. Her only option is to seduce Cormac and James, against her powerful father’s wishes.
A Lady’s Vengeance (4) Alana vows vengeance yet Cormac and James declare it’s their right to protect her. She promises to obey them but when the opportunity arises…

An Eager Widow (5) Kiera MacKenzie needs a husband and Duff MacDougal seems perfect. Her plans unravel when his identical twin, Malcolm, shows up with ideas of his own…
The Perfect Wife (6): Now married and living at Kinrowan Castle, Kiera will be the perfect wife to Malcolm and Duff MacDougal. Unfortunately she finds it difficult to behave…

King’s Pawn (7) and King’s Knight (8): Tearlach and Rory are sent to Sterling Castle, escorting Isabel Graham, a ward of King James VI. Isabel is desperate to chose her own husband but the king may not approve…

Bedding the Enemy (9) and Loving the Enemy (10): King James VI marries, by proxy, Laird Somerled (and his twin, Niall) to a strong-minded Campbell lass, notifying the bride and groom after the fact…

Three more pairs of MacDougal brothers also need wives and have stories to follow…

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2 Responses to “Overview of Highland series”

  1. On February 21, 2017 at 3:18 am Chick1979 responded with... #

    I love this series I could not put the books down I hope you finish the last 3 sets of brothers I am excited to see how they do with their brides. Please please keep writing them. Can you tell me if you are at least working on the last 6 books. Thank you Chick

    • On May 5, 2017 at 2:00 pm Reece Butler responded with... #

      I am SO sorry I have not replied to your message — I have not checked this site in the last few months. The short answer is YES! In fact, I’ve spent many hours in the last couple of weeks plotting those books as I’m going to Scotland to research them 🙂 I hope this detailed reply makes up for my lack of attention.

      I couldn’t book my flights or details of my after-tour research until I knew the plots of the last two books as I needed to know what clans they’d marry into, and so where I must concentrate my time. I’m taking a 14-night tour of the northern coast, Hebrides, and the Orkneys (for the last book, featuring Dougal and Finn), and then spending a few days driving and walking to do in-depth research on the area where Artair and Zander will be.

      I’ve mentioned some of this on my Facebook page (Reece.Butler.568)

      You are the first person to know that the last three sets of brothers will have one long book each, rather than two short ones. I had to write the first 10 that way (two, 150-page books vs one 300-pager) because my publishers said readers (at that time) wouldn’t pay more than $5 for a book, no matter how long, well-written, etc. I think readers are now willing to pay a bit more to have quality, and I write better with one detailed plot.

      My Highland Menage Work In Progress is about Torquil and Ewan and the woman they marry, Brigid O’Donnell (and her two Irish wolfhounds) from Ireland. She’s the seventh child of a seventh child and, when it was noted she had eyes of different color she was named after Saint Brigid, consecrated to her. Her father pledged (to get rid of his sins) he would send her and a wealthy dowry to the Isle of Iona to become a healing nun. She was therefore raised under very harsh conditions by the priest, her only companions a pair of Irish wolfhounds she raised from birth, and an old captain who taught her how to survive and protect herself.

      However, at her father’s death her brother instead married her off to a Scottish clan with ships which could protect him from the English. Thinking she was heading to Iona, she eagerly got on board. When she discovered the truth she cursed them, and a violent storm came up, driving them past Iona and up the Firth of Lorn. They dumped her (and her dowry of gold) on a deserted beach, expecting to return in the morning for the gold and her dead body. However… Ewan can sense anything living on MacDougal land, and can calm animals, so he and Torquil rescue her, taking her (and all her things) into a nearby cave…

      The second-last will feature Artair and Zander, who head off across Campbell land to spend the winter at Calltuin with Isabel Graham and twins Tearlach and Rory, to help with that season’s knights-in-training. They get across Campbell land to relative safety at Clan Macnaughten’s castle on Loch Fyne but wake up in the dungeon after celebrating with the men. Though the two clans are allies against the Campbells, they have heard horror stories about the MacDougals as their relative, Maeve, had been Dougal MacDougal’s second wife, and told of us cruelty, infidelity, and more. However the laird is near death and desperate as his only surviving child is his warrior-trained, uppity daughter and if the Campbells get to her they will force marriage and take over the clan, and the land. The daughter is not impressed with the idea, nor are the youngest pair of MacDougals…

      The last book will have Dougal and Finn, who haven’t been anywhere, accompanying Laird Fraser on his ships as King James VI’s herald must visit various lairds to ensure they are following the king’s decrees to subjugate the clans. They visit with some of their kin (Kiera Mackenzie on the tip of the Black Isle, Alana Sinclair of Caithness), west then around Pentland Firth and south. They’ll stop at Lewis Castle in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis (the MacLeods of Lewis), Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye (Macleods of Harris — they use a small ‘l’), and more. I’m not sure of the plot yet, but they will end up Happily Ever After as well 🙂