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What comes after the Bride Train series?

The saga continues into present day, featuring all the families you know and love, as well as a few more.

Cowboys still work just as hard today, and are just as hot

Cowboys still work just as hard today, and are just as hot

The 9 books in the Bride Train series were designed to finish when the man known as Mr. Isaac, who has been torturing and murdering women, is caught.

That does not mean Tanner’s Ford is gone — time continues, and so do these tough ranching families.

After Book 9, Demanding Satisfaction, we jump to 1988. With the highway bypassing Tanner’s Ford, a new town has been created, with the name of Climax, Montana.

In The Merry Widow of Tanner’s Ford (published May 2013) we meet Simon and Lance MacDougal. They are the sons of Kevin, who is the only surviving son of Keir and Gavin, twins born in 1872 to Amelia and Ross MacDougal. Marci Meshevski, a recent widow , is in Climax visiting her sister. After years with a controlling husband she wants to experience orgasms. Simon is eager to assist. But he, and Lance, want more from her than a brief affair. They want a wife and sons to continue the ranch. Without legal male issue, control of the MD Connected will revert to distant relatives in Texas.

The companion novel (unpublished as of July 2013: working title “Having It All”) features Marci’s older sister, Doctor Nikki Meschevski. While she’s the Climax town doctor, she’s never experienced one. Too many long hours spent studying or working, on top of the circumstances of her birth and her height, has kept Nikki pure. In order to properly serve her customer base — a town where many families are composed of a wife and two husbands — she decides to throw away her pesky virginity and experience passion. She does not want anything more than a brief affair. Engineer Eric Frost is in town for a couple of weeks between assignments, seems the perfect choice. He’s said since he was a teenager that he’d never marry and settle down in Tanner’s Ford. His younger brother, Matt, wants a wife and family.

Road Agent Rock, present day

Road Agent Rock, present day

Following these two novels we jump to a new, contemporary series featuring the next generation, including the children arising from the characters in the 1988 novels.

The downturn in the economy has hit hard, and Climax is dying. Simon MacDougal, as eager to become a proud grandpa as he is of revitalizing the town, takes matters into his own hands. He wants to keep Climax alive and rebuild the historic town of Tanner’s Ford. He plans to use the Internet to draw people in, as well as a few secret weapons. An amateur historian, he has all the diaries from the original Bride Train wives, and has been putting together hints of hidden gold nuggets.


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