Walt Chamberlain

Old Walt from The Badger City Gang, Bride Train 7Few know that Walt Chamberlain is the richest man in town. To most, he’s a crusty old mountain man who came West around 1850, long before gold was discovered. A confirmed bachelor, he was the only man in Tanner’s Ford willing to stand up for Beth in Barefoot Bride for Three, Bride Train #1, offering to marry her to save her from the town bully.

But life is changing for Walt. In A Convenient Husband, Bride Train #4 we learn about Mrs. Emma Johnston, a wealthy widow frantic to find her lost grandchildren. She arrives in Tanner’s Ford in 1 Bed, 2 Weddings, 3 Husbands, Bride Train #5, and decides to stay.

Walt, a confirmed bachelor, sets his cap for Emma. First he has to make her realize he’s younger than he looks, and is a man of property. That means he has to change out of his hand-made elk hide clothes and trim his wild hair and beard (at least now and then). We discover he’s decided to fix up his old cabin and get the Running W ranch ready for cattle to show he has his own business. Zach McInnes arrives by train from Texas, escorting Sunbird MacDougal home to see her twin grandsons.

In Beauty and the Beasts, Bride Train #6 (due to be released in April 2012) we learn that Zach’s cousin and younger brother have already left Texas, bringing longhorns north. We also learn a secret about Walt—one even he doesn’t know—in Bride Train #7.

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