The Elliots

The Elliotts

  • Trace : The oldest brother, at sixteen he kept the Rocking E Ranch going and cared for teenage twins Simon and Jack when their parents died. The younger four were taken in by Finan and Sunbird MacDougal.
  • Simon: A few minutes older than his fraternal twin, Jack, he is a quiet home-body and a trustworthy deep-thinker.
  • Jack : Seemingly carefree devil, a perpetual flirt with a few chips on his shoulders.
  • Elizabeth (James) Elliott: Born in Philadelphia, Beth escapes an odious marriage by taking the spring 1870 Bride Train, only to be forced into a choice of marrying Trace or the town bully, in the first book in the Bride Train series,Barefoot Bride for Three (August 2010).
  • Benjamin and Louisa: Deceased patriarch and matriarch. Born to a high-society family in Charleston, Virginia, Louisa Bonham was cut from her family when she eloped with Benjamin Elliott. They kept moving west, meeting up with Finan and Sunbird MacDougal, until they all settled in a beautiful, fertile valley known by Sunbird’s people, the Bannock.
  • Meggie and Bridie Redmond: Teenage orphans, adopted after their miner father dies (the girls first appear in the second of the Bride Train series, A Contract Bride’s Triple Surprise [February 2011], which features Gillis, Ross and Nevin MacDougal).
  • Jessamine Bonham Elliott (with her mare, Nightwind): The ferocious, pixie-like cowgirl is the only sister to the six Elliott boys. She is forced by her Aunt Jessamine Bonham, wealthy spinster and lone Bonham relative, to attend the Virginia Female Institute and act as a lady for two years in order to receive her inheritance. She does so in order to buy into her brother’s ranch and continue her life as an independent cowgirl, unshackled by a domineering husband. Her story appears in the third Bride Train book, Compromised Cowgirl (May 2011).
  • Ranger: Identical twin to Ben, he possesses a rough, dangerous personality and is a rebel at heart. He and Patrick finally escape the yoke of Finan MacDougal and bring Texas longhorns to the valley in the spring of 1871. Half the herd belongs to the Double Diamond ranch (Bride Train #3, Compromised Cowgirl). The other half will start the second Elliott ranch, the Bitterroot, northwest of the Rocking E (Bride Train #4).
  • Benjamin: Slightly younger than Ranger and never as robust, Ben is sent to Virginia to become a lawyer. He is shy with women and very honourable. Before leaving Texas he promises to bring Ranger a quiet, obedient wife. He would prefer an intelligent, educated companion, but does not plan to marry.
  • Patrick: The youngest Elliott is a fearless daredevil who now wants to be taken seriously as a full partner on the Bitterroot Ranch.

Elliotts through marriage to the only daughter, Jessie

All three men in Compromised Cowgirl are younger brothers of English aristocracy who, therefore, inherit nothing. Life-long friends, they arrive in Montana Territory determined to make a success of the ranch Kenrick won in a poker game.

  • Kenrick “Ace” Langford: Told he was worthless all his life, the leader of the trio is determined to make the Double Diamond ranch a success. The fact that none of the owners knows anything about Western ranching, is beside the point. When Ranger Elliott encourages them to take on Jessie Bonham, introduced as a fourteen-year-old boy, Ace reluctantly agrees though the brat drives him crazy.
  • Charles St. John “Sin” Statham: Accused of being the result of his mother’s affair with a blacksmith due to his size, Sin will work his body to exhaustion to prove he is a man worth respect. He sees Jessie for what she is but says nothing, knowing Ace needs a wife and family in order to set down roots. But he can barely wait for Ace to discover the truth so he can enjoy Jessie’s charms himself.
  • Henry Bennett: The youngest child of nine, five of them girls, Henry has a sense of adventure, though he comes across as an easy-going man. Jessie discovers his adventurous side when the two of them indulge in more than a swim at the hot spring.
  • Charlotte Henrietta Langford: Jessie’s infant daughter, known as “Charlie”

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