Characters, Climax (1988), Climax (contemporary), General

The Bartered Bride: Climax Montana 3

Raised to be arm candy, Penelope Stark’s life is turned upside down when she’s forced to plead guilty to crimes committed by her sister. Community service encourages her to stand tall.  When her father insists she marry a brutal crony who makes her skin crawl, she escapes, calling herself Jane.

She finds refuge with Travis and Riley Adams of the J Bar C Ranch in Climax, Montana. They are in Port Aransas, Texas to renovate a set of condos.  Determined to take control of her life, and aroused by the two brothers, Jane is able to put her fears behind her, enjoying her body, and theirs.  Delighting in temporary freedom, she is devastated when her past catches up with her, bringing danger.

The Adams brothers bring her to the ranch for safety. Jane eagerly embraces the life, realizing how much they mean to her. They offer marriage, but is it love they hold for her, or just a safe haven?

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