Tanner’s Ford Townsite

North Side of Tanner’s Ford

  •  Miss Lily’s Parlor: two-storey, brick; run by Miss Lily and her companion Rosa
  • Nora Dawes, dress and bonnet shop: two-storey squared log house
  • Space for future development
  • Tanner’s Ford Hotel, Sophie McLeod: Two-storey, brick, designed to mimic the Hotel Meade in Bannack City
  • Assay office: Squared log building
  • Bank: boards over squared logs
  • Jennet House: a two-story dwelling designed to impress, boards over squared logs, two-storey
  • George Byers’ barbershop (also the town dentist, coffin builder, and undertaker): boards over squared logs, two-storey
  • Dieter Arnott’s butcher shop: squared logs
  • Baldy’s Saloon: squared logs
  • Roderick Venner’s saddle shop: round logs
  • Smitty’s blacksmith shop with Stumpy’s livery stable behind:  round logs

A map of Tanner's Ford

South Side of Tanner’s Ford

  •  Doc Henley’s surgery and home: boards over squared logs
  • Jail (sheriff’s house behind): squared logs
  • Space
  • Site of Frederick Smythe’s brick home (almost as imposing as the hotel, directly across the street): two-storey
  • John and Patsy Tanner’s mercantile: a two-story wood building, boards over squared logs
  • Rufina Emslow’s boardinghouse: boards, two story
  • Chinese laundry (by river); round logs

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