Tanner’s Ford Overview

The main street of Tanner’s Ford runs east west. Boardwalks line the street from Miss Lily’s Parlor to the blacksmith shop on the north, and from the jail to just past the boarding-house to the south. Depending on the weather, the very wide main street is either dust or mud, but always contains manure due to the number of horses that pass through. There are hitching posts in front of most businesses. Rough streets for deliveries run behind the buildings. A river runs parallel to the main street, south of town. A Chinese laundry is located on the river.

To the east of Tanner’s Ford is a high pass through the mountains, which leads to Bannack City and on to civilization. The rich valley and ranches are to the west. Ranches to the north and south have mountains rising behind them. When travelling from Virginia City via Robber’s Roost and Road Agent Rock to Bannack City, one has to cross Badger Pass, at 6,755 feet. Continuing west toward the fertile valley is Big Hole Pass, at 7,428 feet.

A map of Tanner's Ford


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