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Montana Mountains

These are scenes which, due to changes in plot or length of book, had to be deleted from the final manuscript.  They provide background and depth to characters and plot. The movie equivalent ends up on the cutting room floor, while mine hide in electronic limbo until they appear here.

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Shelves from an old general store

Accurate details are what makes Reece Butler’s books come alive. Historical (Bride Train) and contemporary (Climax) information includes recommended books and Internet sites, interesting information, and the facts behind the novels.

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Bannack City Montana

Most books take place in Tanner’s Ford (Bride Train) and the contemporary town of Climax, which was created when the new highway went through. The location is modeled on the beautiful Big Hole Valley between Dillon and Wisdom The real towns of Bannack City and Virginia City still exist, though Bannack is a state park […]

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A farmstead in the Bannack City historic site.

A general category where anything goes. Topics range all over the map, depending on which character demands a forum, or if Reece is able to get a word in edgewise to provide notes on where ideas come from. These posts may contain anything which might be a ‘musing’.

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Old Walt from The Badger City Gang, Bride Train 7

  The characters in the Highland Menage, Bride Train and the new Climax, Montana series are highlighted in this blog category. Look for posts that will detail backstory, more information on the secondary characters, family connections, and more.

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 Information on the latest Reece Butler books, including when new books will be available, publishing news, and series updates. Reece Butler books are also available at          

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