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Donny Frost explains tradition of sharing wives

Excerpt from The Merry Widow of Tanner’s Ford, which takes place in 1988. Donny Adams is helping Marci Meshevski with barn chores. It’s the morning after she moved in with Simon MacDougal to care for him due to his broken leg. “Few men are suited to share their wife with a brother, cousin, or close […]

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Bride Train Character List

List of major characters found in the Bride Train 1870s series. The first column shows the first time the character was introduced by name. Those marked with an x were deceased before the series started. 1st time Name (formal) Last name (maiden) Information 2 Ace (Kenrick) Langford father Earl of Denby (Kent, England), 4th in […]

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Tantalizing teaser: Oren and Lizzie

Wells Fargo stagecoach

Bannack City, June of 1873   “You married, mister?” Oren switched his long-dead cheroot to the other side of his mouth and released his gelding’s belly band. Both of them grunted in relief. They’d ridden a long way, and tomorrow would be near enough to home to smell the coffee. His brothers wouldn’t want him […]

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Why write about hot Montana cowboys?

I love doing research, and that means traveling to Montana to see the land and meet the people. While I finished my first Bride Train book (Barefoot Bride for Three) before I set foot in Montana, I did a lot of research before writing it. I had to decide where to set my series, when […]

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Welcome to Tanner’s Ford Valley

Tanner’s Ford Valley consists of nine ranches, most of which were established in the 1870’s. The first two families, the MacDougals and Elliotts, each had six sons and a daughter. These descendents are the heroes and heroines of the first four books in the Bride Train series. The Valley is located between the Beaverhead and […]

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History of Tanner’s Ford

Dates marked with * are historical; the rest are fiction 1844: Laird Finan MacDougal and his wife, Phoebe, travel west. Both are from Highland Scotland, where Finan’s father is still Laird of the McDougal Clan. He is the Clan Chief of the MacDougals in America. Finan Junior and Hugh travel with them, while Louisa is […]

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