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A Highland woman’s summer

Kiera MacKenzie, the heroine in “An Eager Widow” and “A Perfect Wife” is spending the summer at a shieling high in the hills when Duff MacDougal finds her. While Kiera lived alone, for untold generations village women went to the same place each summer to work on tedious tasks which were made more enjoyable by […]

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A Lady’s Vengeance: Now on Amazon

Excerpt: “What did ye just say to me, wife?” Cormac MacDougal’s words might have been soft, but his intent was not…. Alana is still learning how far she can push her two husbands as she returns to Castle Girnigoe in Caithness to face her father. Now that Alana is well with child, Cormac and James […]

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A Perfect Wife: research photos

This photo, courtesy of Craig Wallace, shows “Doocot Cave”, around the headland from Cromarty. The cave is near the left, about half-way up. I won’t ruin the story, but you will learn about it while enjoying Kiera’s attempts to become the perfect wife for Malcolm and Duff MacKenzie. Hugh Miller, author of My Schools and […]

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A Lady’s Seduction: Highland Menage 3

photo of girnigoe

Alana’s time of quiet contemplation at Castle Fraser ends abruptly when her father, the powerful Earl of Caithness, demands she return home to marry her brutal cousin, William. The Earl’s cruelty has killed off his other children and he needs Alana to produce grandsons as his heirs. Though she has been disgraced, she is all […]

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Captive Love now on Amazon


The final half of Fiona’s adventures with Angus and Gillis MacDougal is now available if you prefer to use your Kindle. A soft step warned Angus a second before the sheet was yanked off his naked body. He clenched his hand, expecting to find his dirk. A shrill squeal erupted in his ear. He’d squeezed […]

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Scandalous Sinclairs: Fact and Fiction

castle of mey

Much of what you’ll read about the Sinclairs of Caithness in A Lady’s Vengeance, Highland Menage 4, is true. “The Castle of Mey was built by George, the 4th Earl of Caithness, for his second son William Sinclair [called “Will” in A Lady’s Vengeance]. When visiting the family seat Girnigoe Castle in 1573, William was […]

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Highlands in autumn

29Sept 2nd 078 Angus and Gillis MacDougal would have passed by here on their way to Inverlochy Castle. It gives an idea of the steep terrain. This graveyard and wee kirk at the bottom of the hill has been a special site since far before Scotland was a nation. [if video does not load, please […]

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Captive Bride now on Amazon, Kobo

The first in the Highland Menage series

A feisty tomboy with nothing to lose but her life meets a pair of MacDougals with nothing to offer but themselves, including a few special talents to make her scream… Highland Menage series Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Captive-Highland-Menage-Publishing-Everlasting-ebook/dp/B00XIILVIG/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/captive-bride-7 BookStrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/captive-bride Gillis MacDougal, cursing at being captured and tossed into his enemy’s prison pit, has a newly […]

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Research enhances characters and plot

Checking genealogy can reveal more than basic facts. It provides clues on how the clans intermarried, leading to stronger connections, or feuds if the contracts were not honored. You may also find interesting facts to add to your characters. Hands-on research, such as visiting the very places where the events occur, is priceless. For instance, […]

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Fiona’s Travel

In Captive Love, Highland Menage #1, Fiona meets Gillis MacDougal in the prison pit belonging to Campbell of Glenorchy. It is located in the yellow section at the bottom, below the pink line held by MacDonalds. She has ridden into Campbell land by mistake from the green Menzies land to the right. She travels with […]

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