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Tantalizing teaser: Oren and Lizzie

Wells Fargo stagecoach

Bannack City, June of 1873   “You married, mister?” Oren switched his long-dead cheroot to the other side of his mouth and released his gelding’s belly band. Both of them grunted in relief. They’d ridden a long way, and tomorrow would be near enough to home to smell the coffee. His brothers wouldn’t want him […]

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MacDougal snippet, Christmas 1871, Part 8

Ross and Amelia are returning to their wedding party after realizing she is likely carrying twins “Amelia has something to say,” called out Ross. She raised her eyebrows at him in question. He rubbed his belly. “They know I’m hungry, Ross. I’m carrying two babies, so I’m always hungry.” “About time you realized you’re carrying […]

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MacDougal snippet, Christmas 1871, Part 7

  Amelia gave a hint of smile at Ross calling her Kestrel, a type of small, noisy falcon. “My heart was too full of vengeance and pain to let anyone in,” he said. “I believed my mother abandoned me, in favor of supporting my father’s choice. I thought I had no right to love, that […]

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MacDougal Snippet, Christmas 1871, Part 6

 Ross and Amelia are relaxing together after their wedding. “My Bannock family are being pushed to move again and again, so coming to live in our bunkhouse suits them,” said Ross. “I think there’ll be about six or eight.” Of the old folks. The other ones would drop by as they wished, bringing food or […]

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MacDougal Snippet, Christmas 1871, part 5

Following their wedding, Ross and Amelia MacDougal have joined for the first time in weeks, celebrating the discovery that she carries twins Ross grasped Amelia’s hand with his, unable to think. When the room stopped spinning and the hiss in his brain had faded, he ran his hands over her amazing belly. Amazing as it […]

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MacDougal snippet, Christmas 1871, part 3

Amelia and Ross MacDougal have gone upstairs after their new wedding, held to replace the signed contract that brought her West. She’s just read her family Bible and discovered twins run in her family. Amelia closed the book and placed both hands on her belly. Suddenly she began undoing the buttons which kept her skirt […]

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MacDougal snippet Christmas 1871, part 2

Ross and Amelia MacDougal have just married in person, replacing the contract she’d signed before coming West. “What’s this?” Ross took the heavy object from Amelia’s hands. It felt like a book wrapped in thick white cloth, now yellowish with age. A leather strap kept it closed. “My family Bible. For some reason it was […]

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