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Overview of Highland series

There are sixteen MacDougal brothers, all tall and fierce warriors, most with blue eyes and dark hair. They stoutly defend what’s left of the once-mighty MacDougal empire. Their father did little but create many sons, half of them without bothering to marry. The MacDougals have a history of pairing up to find wives, a process […]

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Highland Menage series: MacDougal clan in 16th century Scotland

Clan MacDougall is descended from one of the sons of Somerled, ‘King of the Isles’, killed in 1164. At one time Lords of Lorn, possessing much land and power, they were punished for not supporting Robert the Bruce. In the fictional MacDougal clan in the late 16th century there are sixteen brothers under Laird Somerled […]

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What comes after the Bride Train series?

The saga continues into present day, featuring all the families you know and love, as well as a few more. The 9 books in the Bride Train series were designed to finish when the man known as Mr. Isaac, who has been torturing and murdering women, is caught. That does not mean Tanner’s Ford is […]

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Why write about hot Montana cowboys?

I love doing research, and that means traveling to Montana to see the land and meet the people. While I finished my first Bride Train book (Barefoot Bride for Three) before I set foot in Montana, I did a lot of research before writing it. I had to decide where to set my series, when […]

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Welcome to Tanner’s Ford Valley

Tanner’s Ford Valley consists of nine ranches, most of which were established in the 1870’s. The first two families, the MacDougals and Elliotts, each had six sons and a daughter. These descendents are the heroes and heroines of the first four books in the Bride Train series. The Valley is located between the Beaverhead and […]

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History of Tanner’s Ford

Dates marked with * are historical; the rest are fiction 1844: Laird Finan MacDougal and his wife, Phoebe, travel west. Both are from Highland Scotland, where Finan’s father is still Laird of the McDougal Clan. He is the Clan Chief of the MacDougals in America. Finan Junior and Hugh travel with them, while Louisa is […]

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