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Captive Love now on Amazon


The final half of Fiona’s adventures with Angus and Gillis MacDougal is now available if you prefer to use your Kindle. A soft step warned Angus a second before the sheet was yanked off his naked body. He clenched his hand, expecting to find his dirk. A shrill squeal erupted in his ear. He’d squeezed […]

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Scandalous Sinclairs: Fact and Fiction

castle of mey

Much of what you’ll read about the Sinclairs of Caithness in A Lady’s Vengeance, Highland Menage 4, is true. “The Castle of Mey was built by George, the 4th Earl of Caithness, for his second son William Sinclair [called “Will” in A Lady’s Vengeance]. When visiting the family seat Girnigoe Castle in 1573, William was […]

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Research enhances characters and plot

Checking genealogy can reveal more than basic facts. It provides clues on how the clans intermarried, leading to stronger connections, or feuds if the contracts were not honored. You may also find interesting facts to add to your characters. Hands-on research, such as visiting the very places where the events occur, is priceless. For instance, […]

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Laird Fraser’s Andrath Tower

Scotland is divided by a series of lochs running from northeast (Loch Ness) to southwest (Loch Eil). The Frasers and Camerons control much of these lands, so also decide who goes where, or not. They wish to keep it so. (Or even better, take over the western strip controlled by the Clan Ranald MacDonalds.) This […]

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Fiona’s Background

Fiona grew up here, at Castle Menzies. When she wasn’t out with the other squires she had a tiny room high in the attics with the servants which she shared with an old tomcat when he deigned to visit. Being inland, Weems didn’t get the salt spray from storms on the west coast, where Duncladach […]

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Clan boundary map 1587

This is the map used reference for the Highland Menage series to set which clans had possession of land. This map was created in 1899 showing the “possessions of the Highland Proprietors” according to the Acts of Parliament of 1587 and 1594. This was under King James VI. [original can be found at http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Map_of_the_clans_of_Scotland_%281899,_third_edition%29.jpg]

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Bride Train Character List

List of major characters found in the Bride Train 1870s series. The first column shows the first time the character was introduced by name. Those marked with an x were deceased before the series started. 1st time Name (formal) Last name (maiden) Information 2 Ace (Kenrick) Langford father Earl of Denby (Kent, England), 4th in […]

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MacDougal snippet, Christmas 1871, Part 8

Ross and Amelia are returning to their wedding party after realizing she is likely carrying twins “Amelia has something to say,” called out Ross. She raised her eyebrows at him in question. He rubbed his belly. “They know I’m hungry, Ross. I’m carrying two babies, so I’m always hungry.” “About time you realized you’re carrying […]

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MacDougal snippet, Christmas 1871, Part 7

  Amelia gave a hint of smile at Ross calling her Kestrel, a type of small, noisy falcon. “My heart was too full of vengeance and pain to let anyone in,” he said. “I believed my mother abandoned me, in favor of supporting my father’s choice. I thought I had no right to love, that […]

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MacDougal Snippet, Christmas 1871, Part 6

 Ross and Amelia are relaxing together after their wedding. “My Bannock family are being pushed to move again and again, so coming to live in our bunkhouse suits them,” said Ross. “I think there’ll be about six or eight.” Of the old folks. The other ones would drop by as they wished, bringing food or […]

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