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Southern Seduction

southernseduction-150x225Bride Train #8: Mid-September, 1871

The mothers of Cole Taylor, Byron Ashcroft, and Marshall Stevens were sisters. None were very maternal and all three boys ended up living with Grandpa and Grandma Marshall in South Carolina’s Upcountry. Grandpa didn’t have much education but Grandma came from a wealthy family in the city. Unfortunately she was found in a drawing room alone with her sister’s fiancé and was therefore compromised. Though she was only talking with him, to hush things up she was married to a distant cousin who lived in the hills. Grandpa, stunned at marrying such an educated, lovely woman, adored Grandma. He taught his three grandsons to treat women with respect. The death of their beloved grandparents sends the young men west, where they end up in Tanner’s Ford.

Disguised as a 12-year-old-boy, Casey Wright’s options are limited: winter is coming and she’ll die without a job. Her brother, Willy, gets her hired as winter cook for the Sweetwater Ranch. She’s lusted after cousins  Cole Taylor, Byron Ashcroft, and Marshall Stevens all summer but what will happen when they discover she’s a 21-year-old woman?

When Cole discovers Casey’s beauty he weds the backwoods mountain gal to keep his reputation as a gentleman as well as to enjoy the cook/housekeeper for the winter. He insists it’s a paper wedding, that she’ll still be a virgin in the spring. He’ll then have the marriage annulled and find a more suitable wife.

But Casey demands some of the hot multiple sex she’s heard about from the Tanner’s Ford wives. She easily seduces Marshall and Byron, who show her how much fun two men and a woman can have. As their feelings grow so does her desire to stay permanently. But what will it take for Cole to join his cousins in pleasuring his hot-blooded wife?

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