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Pirates, as in e-book thieves

screen shot of a pirate

screen shot of a pirate

All six of my Highland Menage series (two of which have not yet been released on Amazon) are available to whoever wants it, “free”.

I work very, very hard to write the best books I can so my readers will enjoy the result. This piracy steals the money I need to pay my mortgage, visit my son for his wedding, and just… everything.

This nasty piece of garbage calls himself a “major e-book releaser”.

No. My books are not being ‘released’, they are being stolen.

What if I walked into his home and took something he spent three months creating and “released” it to the world? He would call the police.

There is no police force in e-book land. Every individual will act as they choose. E-trolls will be trolls (an apology to the real trolls who live under bridges for they are being maligned by such trash).

Please, choose to be honest. Let me, and other authors, earn back something for our effort. There are lots of free books out there — read those if you can’t afford to pay. Or use a library.

If you can, post reviews, even if it’s “I liked / did not like this book because…”.

Please, be one of the good guys. Heartfelt thanks to all of you who read for pleasure, and help me keep writing.

End of rant. I’m sure those of you reading this would never do something so despicable.

I shall now turn off the Internet, eat some dark chocolate, and continue writing for those of you who enjoy reading.

What I shall now do...

What I shall now do…

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