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Medieval Castles of Clan MacDougal

The area once claimed by Clan MacDougal

The area once claimed by Clan MacDougal

Laird Dougal MacDougal, father of the sixteen men of this generation, grew up hearing of his clan’s wondrous past, when they controlled over 250 square miles of Highland Scotland. Due to a feud, they did not support Robert the Bruce and when he won, much of their land was given to Clan Campbell.

When this series takes place, late in the sixteenth century, the MacDougals are scrunched into the area around what is now Oban, inland of the Isle of Mull. This map shows that Clan MacDougal once held all the land claimed by the Campbells, the South MacDougals of Clan Ranald, the isles of Mull, Coll, and Tiree held by the MacLeans, and more.

I took a photograph of this map from an information plaque at Dunollie (Dùn Ollaigh), the seat and ancestral home of Clan MacDougal (and only castle still held by the clan). I was privileged to meet and speak to the future Laird MacDougal. Learn more at

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