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Laird Fraser’s Andrath Tower

Floorplan for "Andrath Tower"

Floorplan for “Andrath Tower”

Scotland is divided by a series of lochs running from northeast (Loch Ness) to southwest (Loch Eil). The Frasers and Camerons control much of these lands, so also decide who goes where, or not. They wish to keep it so. (Or even better, take over the western strip controlled by the Clan Ranald MacDonalds.)

This floorplan is actually for Little Cumbrae Castle, located in the Firth of Clyde. In the Highland Menage series it becomes “Andrath Tower”, located near the north end of Loch Lochy. This is the border of Clan Cameron and Clan Fraser. It is a tiny strip of land with the loch to the west and Clan Ranald of Lochaber pushing over the hills from the east.

In “Captive Love”, the second Highland Menage book, Angus and Gillis MacDougal learn a lot about this tower, much to their disgust.

Location of Andrath Tower

What Gillis, Angus, and Fiona would see across Loch Lochy. “Andrath Tower”is high on the hills behind them

The fictional "Andrath Tower" is actually Little Cumbrae Castle

The fictional “Andrath Tower” is actually Little Cumbrae Castle

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