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If you like hot, hunky Highlanders with your erotic menage romance…

Hot historical Highlanders

Hot historical Highlanders

A new Highland Menage series will debut this spring featuring hot, hunky, Highlanders!

Aye, ye’ll be reading of the MacDougal brothers from the late sixteenth century, long afore they left the Highlands of Scotland!

For over a hundred years the MacDougals have only produced sons. This generation there are sixteen of them, including three sets of twins. Their father wanted to create an army of warriors and as he was known to bring women far more pleasure than the local clumsy oafs he and the lads’ mothers didn’t let marriage, or a lack of it, get in the way.

As wives are not easy to find when your clan has little but honor and pride, pairs of brothers share a wife.

If they can find one.

Of course they do, though not through the usual methods. In the first Highland Menage, Captive Bride, Gillis is captured while he and his brother Angus are on the way to a wedding at Clan Cameron’s Inverlochy Castle (located near what is now Fort William). And then a small, furious body is dropped on him…

As usual, much research and thought has gone into creating this series. I spent three weeks researching in Scotland in September/October 2014 (you would have seen photos if you follow reece.butler.568 on Facebook). I drove a total of 1,000 miles on the left side of narrow, twisting roads, first from Edinburgh airport to Oban, the ancestral home of the MacDougall Clan (they real ones use a double ‘l’, which was why I chose not to).

There I spoke with the present Clan Chief and toured the remains of the Dunollie Castle. From there I went to Dunstaffnage, built by MacDougalls but which ended up in Campbell hands. It is Dunstaffnage Castle which I use as the MacDougal Clan’s home of Duncladach (or “shore castle”).

This was followed by many (many!) hours researching online. Many of the people you will meet existed and I’ve used as much reality as is possible. For example, Laird Kenneth MacKenzie, tenth Lord of Kintail, had to have someone hold his hand to sign his name as he could not write it. Nor could John Chisholm of Strathglass. But Laird Fraser, Lord Lovat, could read and write. This would, no doubt, affect what they taught their children (who we meet through fiction).

If you get your ebooks from, plans are for the first book to be released Friday, April 17th and every two weeks after that. Third-party publishers such as Amazon will be a few weeks later.

The Climax, Montana contemporary series will also continue.

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