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Highland Menage series: MacDougal clan in 16th century Scotland

Hot historical Highlanders

Hot historical Highlanders

Clan MacDougall is descended from one of the sons of Somerled, ‘King of the Isles’, killed in 1164. At one time Lords of Lorn, possessing much land and power, they were punished for not supporting Robert the Bruce.

In the fictional MacDougal clan in the late 16th century there are sixteen brothers under Laird Somerled MacDougal. He took over the clan while young as his father was too busy trysting with local women. Only eight of his sons were born to his two wives.

Laird Somerled insists his brothers, no matter how ragged and hungry, are brave men of honor, keeping their word no matter what, and are loyal to king and country. He hopes they will somehow destroy the curse which states Clan MacDougal will founder until a lass is born to men valiant and true. (There have been no females born in over a century.)

Another rumor states the MacDougal clan has a certain way with women which leads to them screaming in pleasure…

‘Duncladach’ is the fictional name of Dunstaffnage Castle, built about 1220 by Somerled’s grandson, Duncan MacDougall. In reality, James I seized the castle in 1431 and hanged 300 rebellions Islesmen sheltering inside. He handed the castle over to the Campbells. In the Highland Menage series the MacDougals still own ‘Duncladach’ and are long-term enemies with the Campbells.

In Captive Bride, Angus and Gillis discover wee, fiery Fiona is more than she seems. She is dropped on Gillis while he is languishing in a prison pit courtesy of Campbell of Glenorchy.

And so begins the first step to change the fortunes of Clan MacDougal.

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