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Having It All available for pre-order 5 September 2013

This evening the second book in the continuing saga of the ranchers of Tanner’s Ford, Having It All, was made available at at a reduced price.

Here’s a snippet from Chapter One: Marci Meschevsi, the heroine from The Merry Widow of Tanner’s Ford, is about to marry Simon and Lance MacDougal. She and older sister Nikki are dressing for the wedding.

“But you have to dance with Matt! He’s Simon’s best man, and you’re my maid of honor.”

Doctor Nikki Meschevski shook her head at her younger sister. They were having a few minutes of privacy before getting dressed for Marci’s wedding to Simon and Lance MacDougal. Soon Marci would no longer be a widow. Thanks to two husbands, she would certainly stay merry.

“Matt can’t stand the sight of me. Ever since I bumped into him in the mercantile, he’s avoided me.”

“Avoided you? In a town the size of Climax?” Marci shook her head, making her dark hair swirl all the way to her bottom. “Impossible.”

“Whenever he sees me he steps into a store, or turns away.”

Most of the men she’d met in town were tall ranchers, men with a natural sense of confidence who were not intimidated by her six-foot, sturdy frame. Matt was a few inches taller, yet when they met in the sundries aisle he’d flicked his eyes over her and bolted. She’d turned and watched his first-class curved butt as he strode away, his cowboy boots thunking on the wood floor.

She’d since watched him strut past her office window, seemingly oblivious to her gaze. For some reason his broad chest, wide shoulders, and deep brown eyes made her panties damp. So had his rodeo buckle, a large silver oval, which drew attention to his belt and what lay a few inches lower. He had a wide, easy smile, which he gave to every child, pet, and woman in town, except her.

It was unfortunate, but she’d fallen in lust with the only bachelor cowboy in town, and he didn’t want anything to do with her. A disappointment, but nothing she couldn’t get over. His reaction didn’t stop her fantasies of hearing his boots hit the floor before he dove into bed with her. A giant bed, one long enough for her to stretch out. Or be stretched in.

She ran the tips of her fingers over the long strand of pale-pink pearls descending into her cleavage, a wedding gift from Marci’s men. As she was much shorter, they’d given Marci a necklace proportional to her height. With her darker coloring, the creamy pearls looked lovely resting against her collarbone. Neither of them had ever owned anything so beautiful.

“Maybe it’s a coincidence,” said Marci, hedging. She sipped her chamomile tea, then curled her lip at the taste. At her stage of pregnancy, even the scent of coffee was a definite no-no.

“Excuse me? A coincidence that a bachelor cowboy ducked into a hair salon full of gossiping women when I walked past? I think not.” Six years older, Nikki also had ten inches on Marci and had no problem using her height to intimidate.

“Lance says Matt’s just shy.” Marci looked at her over the rim of her mug, immune to Nikki’s attitude. “He turned red when Simon told him he’d be your escort.” Her cheeks dimpled. “We both know what it means when a cowboy lowers his hat to cover his belt buckle. He likes you, no matter what you think.”

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