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Fiona’s Travel

Closeup of where events in Captive Bride #1 and Captive Love #2 occur

Closeup of where events in Captive Bride #1 and Captive Love #2 occur

In Captive Love, Highland Menage #1, Fiona meets Gillis MacDougal in the prison pit belonging to Campbell of Glenorchy. It is located in the yellow section at the bottom, below the pink line held by MacDonalds. She has ridden into Campbell land by mistake from the green Menzies land to the right.

She travels with Gillis and Angus back through a corner of Menzies land, around the headland, into that held by Clan Cameron (gray). Inverlochy Castle is located under the “C” in Cameron, at the north end of Loch Eil.

In Captive Love, book #2, they ride northeast along Loch Lochy to the blue section, claimed by Clan Fraser. Laird Alexander Fraser of Beauly, the 4th Lord Lovat, was a very powerful man. This is the southern tip of his land. Andrath Tower is found where that narrow section of blue meets the equally narrow gray. It is boxed in by Clan Ranald of Lochaber on the right (pink), and Clan Ranald MacDonald on the western side (also pink).

That blue Fraser land spreads all the way to Inverness. Clan Grant (brown) holds most of the western side of Loch Ness. Urquhart Castle is located by the river that flows into Loch Ness, by the first “N” in Ness.

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