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Demanding Satisfaction

Cover for Demanding SatisfactionBride Train #9: Autumn of 1872

After watching eight other women marry the men of their dreams (and fantasies), Sophie McLeod is desperate for her turn at hot sex. Unwilling to marry, she’s looking for a few strangers. Maxwell Gibson, a Pinkerton agent has been hired to investigate curious doings with the railroad. He agrees to find Mr. Isaac, who’s tortured and murdered women. When Lily and Sophie come up with a plan,  he refuses to assist as he’s working his other case. He does not mix business and pleasure, so sloughs Sophie’s advances off. His identical twin, Sam,  doesn’t hold back, giving Sophie an arousing taste of what she’s been missing.

Finding a wife is high on Sam’s list, but arrogant Max insists brazen Sophie doesn’t suit his meticulous plans for their ranch.

Desperate to catch Mr. Isaac, Sophie arranges to work in a Bannack City saloon as bait for the beast, upsetting Max’s plans and raising Sam’s protective instincts. She’s forced upstairs as punishment for rebuffing a client and discovers her body has been rented by a scruffy but arousing man. When he introduces himself as the youngest, and most dominant, Gibson brother, Josh, Sophie eagerly accepts her temporary fate.

Men from all the Tanner’s Ford ranches come to help catch Mr. Isaac but Sophie must face the vicious brute all alone. Max awaits the man he believes is Mr. Isaac, while another creeps into Sophie’s room. Who is the villain, once unmasked?


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