Cowboy Double-Decker

Cover for Cowboy Double-Decker

Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/F/M

Bryan Raman needs a polyamorous wife to complete his life with ranch and bed partners Adam and Candy Richardson. Single mom Michaela Jones is way too independent for him but the erotically-challenged woman lights his fire. As she’s a quick learner, he can give her a weekend’s instruction, or more. READ MORE

“If you’re looking for an intense, emotional, sensual, tantalizing story that will make you laugh and cry while keeping you on the edge of your seat…then Cowboy Double-Decker is definitely the book to read. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Two thumbs up to Ms. Butler, who’s struck gold with Cowboy Double-Decker.” — AJ, Dark Diva Reviews

Note: There is NO sexual relationship/touching among the men.

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