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Lustful Intentions: One of Katie’s grandmother Hildy’s favorite teacups


Hildy’s Gran may be the CEO of a large family-run corporation, but she is also a lady. At the end of the workday she loves to relax with a peaceful cup of tea. Wouldn’t you, with one so pretty? See page 91

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Cowboys in Wranglers or Highlanders in kilts — why not both?

There’s just something about a tall, strong man in a kilt that sets my heart beating. That broad chest, those muscular thighs, that kilt blowing in the wind…. Then there’s cowboys, riding high in the saddle, setting blood pumping through my veins. The broad chests, muscular thighs, snug jeans cupping butts that just makes you […]

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An excursion to buy power tools

There are times in a gal’s life when she has to venture into the unknown. To boldly go where many men have eagerly tread, but women tend to be hesitant. In this case, the unknown was a store that sells, among other things, Power Tools. Yes, my friends, I mean those objects that vibrate with […]

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Having It All now available

I am really looking forward to hearing what you think about the second of the Climax, Montana novels, Having It All. Every novel is different to write, because the characters are individuals. I really enjoyed writing about Eric and Matt Frost of the Circle C Ranch. Each tough man has a few issues they haven’t […]

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What a load of bull!

Once upon a time a clueless romance author traveled to a Montana cattle ranch to learn how to be a cowboy. She was enthusiastic about everything, since it was all new. One cold day her hosts took her to the home of a strange old man to see about buying a bull. The result was […]

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Top 15 Reference Texts: Bride Train series

I used these books a lot in creating the Bride Train series. They’re just a small portion of my reference library, which to date includes more than 493 books. As an author, one can never have enough reference texts. I mean, who doesn’t need a pirate dictionary? (that one’s #266, The Pirate Dictionary: 15th to […]

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Why write about hot Montana cowboys?

I love doing research, and that means traveling to Montana to see the land and meet the people. While I finished my first Bride Train book (Barefoot Bride for Three) before I set foot in Montana, I did a lot of research before writing it. I had to decide where to set my series, when […]

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A farmstead in the Bannack City historic site.

A general category where anything goes. Topics range all over the map, depending on which character demands a forum, or if Reece is able to get a word in edgewise to provide notes on where ideas come from. These posts may contain anything which might be a ‘musing’.

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Bride Train Series

The Bride Train stories center around the women building Tanner’s Ford in the early 1870s, and the trios of ranching cowboys who appreciate a wife with passion and intelligence. Why were there Bride Trains? There were three main  ways woman could survive in Montana Territory in 1870: as a wife, a whore, or a mistress. […]

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