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My home is a mess and I don’t care! (recovering my craziness so I can write)

cat lying on floor

Those who’ve followed me for a while may remember I was diagnosed with “classic ADHD” and started medication for it in September of 2015. I haven’t completed a book since. Right from the start I was worried about medication affecting my creativity. Seems I might have been right. Those of us with ADHD tend to […]

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Best wishes for 2017

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve been writing but unable to complete a novel. I’ve worked on Climax, Montana #6 with Ashley Elliott and a pair of ex-NFL foster kids. Then there’s #11 of the Highland Menage historical series where Torquil and Ewan find Brigid and her wolfhounds. Even worked […]

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Back on the road to Climax

red truck

It’s been over a year since I sent my last book, Loving the Enemy: Highland Ménage 10 to my publisher. I’d finished ten books, almost 1,500 pages, in ten months. Half-way through Torquil and Ewan’s first book (the eleventh of sixteen in the series) I realized I was burned out. While I loved the characters […]

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Mid-career crisis, as reader or writer

Getting the blahs is tough. Story ideas are easy. It’s writing them, and doing it well, that is difficult. Readers can have a tough time as well. There are many wonderful authors but finding new ones can be like digging through a dunghill to find emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. Writers and readers change over […]

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Creating Lila Frost proved I wasn’t stupid after all

Lila Frost, the determined rancher featured in No Strings Attached, had issues being organized and focused. It wasn’t until I was nearing the end of the book that I realized the character I created had the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactive disorder, though I never mention ADHD in the book. Lila was easily distracted and […]

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Illegally downloading books is theft. Plagiarism is emotional assault

I know my books are being illegally downloaded by trolls stealing my income. That is theft, plain and simple. But when a thief makes a few minor changes and publishes it under the thief’s own name, for the thief’s profit, it is far more than theft, it is plagiarism. A level of plagiarism so extensive […]

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10 Highland Menage books in a year

Last year on this day I headed to Edinburgh, Scotland, for almost three weeks of research. The weather was marvelous, the castles fantastic, the driving…interesting. A thousand miles, much of it on small roads with few vehicles. More than once I drove for miles up and down and around curves on a nearly one-lane road, […]

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Pirates, as in e-book thieves

All six of my Highland Menage series (two of which have not yet been released on Amazon) are available to whoever wants it, “free”. I work very, very hard to write the best books I can so my readers will enjoy the result. This piracy steals the money I need to pay my mortgage, visit […]

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The fruit of your labors (cherries and books)

Last Saturday I picked two cups of sour cherries from my very own tree. On Sunday evening I made my first ever cherry pie, from scratch. I ate the last piece Tuesday evening as a before-bed snack (yum!). I just finished picking 8 more cups, using a ten foot ladder and stretching, getting leaves stuck […]

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If you like hot, hunky Highlanders with your erotic menage romance…

photo castle fraser

A new Highland Menage series will debut this spring featuring hot, hunky, Highlanders! Aye, ye’ll be reading of the MacDougal brothers from the late sixteenth century, long afore they left the Highlands of Scotland! For over a hundred years the MacDougals have only produced sons. This generation there are sixteen of them, including three sets […]

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