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Spoiler alert: Read after Having It All: Climax, Montana 2

Simon MacDougal’s office Simon swirled the amber liquid in his glass, wishing it would numb his pain. The contented cat on his lap purred, keeping him company. Three in the morning, the witching hour, and another night of broken sleep. “It’s not right to lose a child,” he told Barney. The cat, used to his […]

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Having It All now available

I am really looking forward to hearing what you think about the second of the Climax, Montana novels, Having It All. Every novel is different to write, because the characters are individuals. I really enjoyed writing about Eric and Matt Frost of the Circle C Ranch. Each tough man has a few issues they haven’t […]

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Having It All: Chapter Two snippet

Chapter Two snippet: Engineer Eric Frost has arrived in Montana after days of travel from Peru. He and brother Matt are at a motel in Missoula, near the airport. “Will you check her out while I’m gone? She’s strong, smart, and gorgeous. Perfect for the both of us.” Matt Frost held out his arms as […]

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Having It All available for pre-order 5 September 2013

This evening the second book in the continuing saga of the ranchers of Tanner’s Ford, Having It All, was made available at at a reduced price. Here’s a snippet from Chapter One: Marci Meschevsi, the heroine from The Merry Widow of Tanner’s Ford, is about to marry Simon and Lance MacDougal. She and older sister […]

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What a load of bull!

Once upon a time a clueless romance author traveled to a Montana cattle ranch to learn how to be a cowboy. She was enthusiastic about everything, since it was all new. One cold day her hosts took her to the home of a strange old man to see about buying a bull. The result was […]

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What comes after the Bride Train series?

The saga continues into present day, featuring all the families you know and love, as well as a few more. The 9 books in the Bride Train series were designed to finish when the man known as Mr. Isaac, who has been torturing and murdering women, is caught. That does not mean Tanner’s Ford is […]

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Welcome to Tanner’s Ford Valley

Tanner’s Ford Valley consists of nine ranches, most of which were established in the 1870’s. The first two families, the MacDougals and Elliotts, each had six sons and a daughter. These descendents are the heroes and heroines of the first four books in the Bride Train series. The Valley is located between the Beaverhead and […]

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Tanner’s Ford Ranches

Map of Ranches in the Tanner's Ford area.

North Side of the River The Bitterroot Ranch (using the RB brand) is run by Ranger Elliott, his identical twin Ben, and younger brother, Patrick. Florence marries Ben in A Convenient Husband, Bride Train 4. The Rocking E is one of the two original ranches, established in the late 1840s. Trace Elliott marries Beth and shares the ranch […]

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