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Fiona’s Background

Fiona grew up here, at Castle Menzies. When she wasn’t out with the other squires she had a tiny room high in the attics with the servants which she shared with an old tomcat when he deigned to visit. Being inland, Weems didn’t get the salt spray from storms on the west coast, where Duncladach […]

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Highland Menage series: MacDougal clan in 16th century Scotland

Clan MacDougall is descended from one of the sons of Somerled, ‘King of the Isles’, killed in 1164. At one time Lords of Lorn, possessing much land and power, they were punished for not supporting Robert the Bruce. In the fictional MacDougal clan in the late 16th century there are sixteen brothers under Laird Somerled […]

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If you like hot, hunky Highlanders with your erotic menage romance…

photo castle fraser

A new Highland Menage series will debut this spring featuring hot, hunky, Highlanders! Aye, ye’ll be reading of the MacDougal brothers from the late sixteenth century, long afore they left the Highlands of Scotland! For over a hundred years the MacDougals have only produced sons. This generation there are sixteen of them, including three sets […]

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Lustful Intentions: One of Katie’s grandmother Hildy’s favorite teacups


Hildy’s Gran may be the CEO of a large family-run corporation, but she is also a lady. At the end of the workday she loves to relax with a peaceful cup of tea. Wouldn’t you, with one so pretty? See page 91

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Lustful Intentions, Climax Montana 5

cover of Lustful Intentions, the fifth Climax Montana novel by Reece Butler

Haying in Montana: the Beaverslide in action Love the cover of Lustful Intentions, Climax Montana 5. Red-haired Katie Winterbourne is a pixie with an innocent eagerness for wicked fun. Sam Elliott (with the leather wristband) is too contained for his own good. He and younger brother Trey have ranch work to do, yet that doesn’t […]

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Excerpt from No Strings Attached: Climax, Montana 4 — available on Amazon

cover of Climax Montana 4, No Strings Attached

Jet Chamberlain stops by the Circle C Ranch with his buddy, Houston. Both are desperate for work, and have been sent by Tom White to speak to Lila Frost, who is equally desperate for hired hands. Expecting the knock on the door to be from one of her many cousins, Lila answers the door having […]

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Tom White meets Jane’s father in The Bartered Bride: Climax, Montana 3

Jane’s father has arrived in Climax to collect her. He stomps up to Tom White… Tom White kept his head down as he polished his favorite Kiowa. The black dot with the sexy vixen swishing her bushy auburn tail was the only part of the chopper that had new paint. The Black Fox struck terror […]

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Review: The Merry Widow of Tanner’s Ford

Kenna’s review in Cocktails and Books: I love cowboys. I love cowboys a lot! This is why I enjoy Reece Butler’s book so much. She writes great stories about delicious cowboys, their families, their ranches, and their kinky sex lives. “The Merry Widow of Tanner’s Ford” did not disappoint me. Marci Meshevski has come to […]

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Bride Train Character List

List of major characters found in the Bride Train 1870s series. The first column shows the first time the character was introduced by name. Those marked with an x were deceased before the series started. 1st time Name (formal) Last name (maiden) Information 2 Ace (Kenrick) Langford father Earl of Denby (Kent, England), 4th in […]

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The Bartered Bride: Climax Montana 3

cover for The Bartered Bride

Raised to be arm candy, Penelope Stark’s life is turned upside down when she’s forced to plead guilty to crimes committed by her sister. Community service encourages her to stand tall.  When her father insists she marry a brutal crony who makes her skin crawl, she escapes, calling herself Jane. She finds refuge with Travis […]

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