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Fiona’s Background

Fiona grew up here, at Castle Menzies. When she wasn’t out with the other squires she had a tiny room high in the attics with the servants which she shared with an old tomcat when he deigned to visit. Being inland, Weems didn’t get the salt spray from storms on the west coast, where Duncladach […]

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Medieval Castles of Clan MacDougal

Laird Dougal MacDougal, father of the sixteen men of this generation, grew up hearing of his clan’s wondrous past, when they controlled over 250 square miles of Highland Scotland. Due to a feud, they did not support Robert the Bruce and when he won, much of their land was given to Clan Campbell. When this […]

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Clan boundary map 1587

This is the map used reference for the Highland Menage series to set which clans had possession of land. This map was created in 1899 showing the “possessions of the Highland Proprietors” according to the Acts of Parliament of 1587 and 1594. This was under King James VI. [original can be found at,_third_edition%29.jpg]

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Overview of Highland series

There are sixteen MacDougal brothers, all tall and fierce warriors, most with blue eyes and dark hair. They stoutly defend what’s left of the once-mighty MacDougal empire. Their father did little but create many sons, half of them without bothering to marry. The MacDougals have a history of pairing up to find wives, a process […]

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