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Having It All: Chapter Two snippet

Chapter Two snippet: Engineer Eric Frost has arrived in Montana after days of travel from Peru. He and brother Matt are at a motel in Missoula, near the airport. “Will you check her out while I’m gone? She’s strong, smart, and gorgeous. Perfect for the both of us.” Matt Frost held out his arms as […]

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Having It All available for pre-order 5 September 2013

This evening the second book in the continuing saga of the ranchers of Tanner’s Ford, Having It All, was made available at at a reduced price. Here’s a snippet from Chapter One: Marci Meschevsi, the heroine from The Merry Widow of Tanner’s Ford, is about to marry Simon and Lance MacDougal. She and older sister […]

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Cover for Climax 2: Having It All

Here’s the cover for the second novel continuing the Bride Train saga: “Having It All”.  I’ll add details soon…

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The Merry Widow of Tanner’s Ford

 A Tanner’s Ford Link Book Marci Meshevski moves to Tanner’s Ford, Montana, after losing everything, including her odious husband, in a fire. A few dozen orgasms with a hot cowboy is the prescription for erasing memories of lousy sex. Simon MacDougal is desperate for a son, as without one ownership of the ranch reverts to […]

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Tanner’s Ford Ranches

Map of Ranches in the Tanner's Ford area.

North Side of the River The Bitterroot Ranch (using the RB brand) is run by Ranger Elliott, his identical twin Ben, and younger brother, Patrick. Florence marries Ben in A Convenient Husband, Bride Train 4. The Rocking E is one of the two original ranches, established in the late 1840s. Trace Elliott marries Beth and shares the ranch […]

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