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A Convenient Husband

Bride Train #4: September 1871 Bluestockings Florence Peabody and Elizabeth James had been friends since they were small. She helped Elizabeth escape a horrible fate—marrying a man twice her age who was rumored to have unnatural tastes. She’d listened to her brothers talk about him beating at least one prostitute to death. She not only […]

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Compromised Cowgirl

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Bride Train #3: Late August, 1871 Jessamine Bonham Elliott is not happy being a woman. It’s not the body as much as how she is expected to behave. Other than her mother, who died when Jessie was 12, the only females she’s really associated with are Finan MacDougal’s ultra-spoiled princess, Louisa, who she had to […]

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A Contract Bride’s Triple Surprise

Cover for A Contract Bride's Triple Surprise

Bride Train #2: Spring 1871 Gillis MacDougal is heartbroken when he realizes his sweet Prudence, the woman he went east to find, is not going to live much past the birth of their baby. The way his father set up the ranch, Gillis or one of his step-brothers, Ross and Nevin, must have a son […]

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Barefoot Bride for Three

Cover of Barefoot Bride for Three

Barefoot Bride For Three:  Bride Train #1: May, 1870 When 21-year-old Elizabeth James refuses to marry her father’s crony, she is beaten and locked away until she realizes her mistake. Instead, she escapes and hides in the home of fellow bluestocking Florence Peabody. With nothing but the clothes on her back, she signs up to […]

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