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Donny Frost explains tradition of sharing wives

Excerpt from The Merry Widow of Tanner’s Ford, which takes place in 1988. Donny Adams is helping Marci Meshevski with barn chores. It’s the morning after she moved in with Simon MacDougal to care for him due to his broken leg. “Few men are suited to share their wife with a brother, cousin, or close […]

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Bride Train Character List

List of major characters found in the Bride Train 1870s series. The first column shows the first time the character was introduced by name. Those marked with an x were deceased before the series started. 1st time Name (formal) Last name (maiden) Information 2 Ace (Kenrick) Langford father Earl of Denby (Kent, England), 4th in […]

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Tantalizing teaser: Oren and Lizzie

Wells Fargo stagecoach

Bannack City, June of 1873   “You married, mister?” Oren switched his long-dead cheroot to the other side of his mouth and released his gelding’s belly band. Both of them grunted in relief. They’d ridden a long way, and tomorrow would be near enough to home to smell the coffee. His brothers wouldn’t want him […]

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Spoiler alert: Read after Having It All: Climax, Montana 2

Simon MacDougal’s office Simon swirled the amber liquid in his glass, wishing it would numb his pain. The contented cat on his lap purred, keeping him company. Three in the morning, the witching hour, and another night of broken sleep. “It’s not right to lose a child,” he told Barney. The cat, used to his […]

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Top 15 Reference Texts: Bride Train series

I used these books a lot in creating the Bride Train series. They’re just a small portion of my reference library, which to date includes more than 493 books. As an author, one can never have enough reference texts. I mean, who doesn’t need a pirate dictionary? (that one’s #266, The Pirate Dictionary: 15th to […]

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Demanding Satisfaction

Cover for Demanding Satisfaction

Bride Train #9: Autumn of 1872 After watching eight other women marry the men of their dreams (and fantasies), Sophie McLeod is desperate for her turn at hot sex. Unwilling to marry, she’s looking for a few strangers. Maxwell Gibson, a Pinkerton agent has been hired to investigate curious doings with the railroad. He agrees […]

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Southern Seduction

Bride Train #8: Mid-September, 1871 The mothers of Cole Taylor, Byron Ashcroft, and Marshall Stevens were sisters. None were very maternal and all three boys ended up living with Grandpa and Grandma Marshall in South Carolina’s Upcountry. Grandpa didn’t have much education but Grandma came from a wealthy family in the city. Unfortunately she was […]

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The Badger City Gang

Bride Train #7: Late August, 1872 Katherine Mason’s mother, promised by her family to a wealthy man, decided to put aside the one she adored, and follow her family’s wishes. She did not want to travel into the unknown West, there to be attacked by vicious savages. Instead of choosing love and potential danger, Mildred […]

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Beauty and the Beasts

Bride Train #6: June 1, 1872 Thanks to Jessie Elliott, now Langford, and many men from Tanner’s Ford, Sarah Unsworth was rescued from a Bannack City brothel. Sarah insists she’ll never again trust a man who says he loves her as words mean nothing. Even if she wanted anything to do with a husband, no […]

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One Bed, Two Weddings, Three Husbands

Bride Train #5: May 7, 1872 Victoria Edison grew up in the home of a wealthy man’s mistress, one of his two bastard daughters. She was built like her father, too tall, dark, and stocky to suit most men. That was fine with her as she was desperate to escape her past and live a […]

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