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The first in the Highland Menage series

The first in the Highland Menage series

A feisty tomboy with nothing to lose but her life meets a pair of MacDougals with nothing to offer but themselves, including a few special talents to make her scream…

Highland Menage series




Gillis MacDougal, cursing at being captured and tossed into his enemy’s prison pit, has a newly captured lad dropped on him. Though he can’t escape he will ensure the boy is freed. He then discovers the lad has wit, determination…and breasts.

Feisty tomboy Fiona, bastard daughter of Laird Menzies, knows what her captors will do when they discover she’s not the heir worth gold. The stranger sharing her dark prison arouses her for the first time in her life. With nothing to lose she begs him to ensure she does not die a virgin.

Fiona helps Gillis escape and they meet with his brother Angus. As they have nothing they’d wanted to find a wealthy wife but fall for the penniless, sensual wildcat full of determination and spirit. Gillis handfasts with Fiona to bind her to the before arriving at Inverlochy Castle. Laird Cameron, however, has other ideas as to who should marry the attractive young woman…

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