Bride Train Research Library (partial list)

Reece Butler’s reference book list (partial) which may be of interest to Bride Train readers





Cowboy at Work, the: All About His Job and How He Does It (how to of everything); July 2008 Ward, Fay E 0-8061-2051-7 1958/ 1987
Cowboy Lingo: Dictionary of the American West Adams, Ramon F 978-0-618-08349-7 63/00
Arts, Crafts and Hobbies, 1850-1870 Hamilton, Katie F transcribed 1-689023-08-6 1872, 1999
Forgotten Arts: A Practical Guide to Traditional Skills Seymour, John 0-86318-052-3 1986
Grant-Kohrs Ranch: Field Guide to Wildlife and Habitat US Fish and Wildlife
Bannack: Foundation of Montana (photoessay) Montana Fish, Wildlife & Game 978-0-9753654-0-1 2004
Story’s Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America Dutson, Judith 1-58017-612-7 2005
Back in the Day: 101 things you need to know how to do Powell, Michael 978-1741-107340 2008
Everyday Life in the Wild West: 1840-1900, Writer’s Guide Moulton, Candy 0-89879-870-1 1999
Montana Road & Recreation Atlas (detailed) Benchmark Maps 978-0-929591-66-7 2008
Character Naming Sourcebook: Writer’s Digest Kenyon, Sherrilyn 978-1-58297-920-5 2005
Original Roget’s International Thesaurus, 5th ed (by type) Chapman, Robert L, ed 0-06-270046-4 1992
Oxford Thesaurus of English Oxford University Pre 0-19-860862-4 2004
Character Traits: A Writer’s Guide Edelstein, Linda N 978-1-58297-390-6
Characters & Viewpoint Card, Orson Scott 0-89879-927-9 1988
Wisdom of the Enneagram: psychological and spiritual Riso, Don R/ Hudson 0-553-37820-1 1999
Building With Logs /  Log Cabin Construction (reprint) Algrove Classic Reprint 1-897030-22-3 2005
The Very Best Baby Name Book, Cdn edition Lansky, Bruce 1-55144-220-5 1995
Sextrology; Idiot’s guide to Skinner, Megan 978-1-59257-622-7 2008
Bit and Spur Makers in the Vaquero Tradition, pocket guide,; Feb 2010 Marin, Ned and Jody 0-9659947-1-6 1999
Cowboy Ethics: Code of the West: photog + text Owen, James P 0-931153-95-7 2004
The Backyard Horseman: 2nd ed Rude, Ron 978-0-87842-548-8 2008
The Cowboy Way: Seasons of a Montana Ranch McCumber, David 0-380-78841-1 1999
Ranch Horsemanship: Traditional cowboy methods for the recreational rider Pate, Curt for Western Horseman 978-0-911647-65-1 2004
Ranch Roping: A practical guide to traditional roping Brannaman, Buck for Western Horseman 978-0-911647-54-6
The Log of a Cowboy: A Narrative of the Old Trail Days Adams, Andy 978-0-8032-5000-0 1903
We Pointed Them North: Recollections of a Cowpuncher Abbott, E.C. “Teddy Blue” 978-0-8061-1366-1 1939
How the West was Worn: Bustles and Buckskin on the Wild Frontier Enss, Chris 978-07627-3564-3 2006
Cowboy’s Own Brand Book, The Emrich, Duncan 0-486-28806-4 1954
Montana Women Homesteaders: A Field of One’s Own Carter, Sarah, ed 978-1-56037-449-7 2009
Farm Workshop Guide Algrove Classic Reprint 978-1-897030-49-3 1947
Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them Algrove Classic Reprint 978-0-921335-77-1 1912
Book of Trades Algrove Classic Reprint 978-1-897030-68-4 1866
A Bride Goes West Alderson Nannie T 978035001-0 1942
A Tenderfoot in Montana: Reminiscences of the Gold Rush, the Vigilantes & The Birth of Montana Territory (1860s on) Thompson, Francis M 0-9727522-2-9 2004
Girl From the Gulches: The Story of Mary Ronan Ronan, Margaret told to 978-0-91729879-4 2003
Hearts West: True Stories of Mail-Order Brides on the Frontier Enss, Chris 978-0-7627-2756*8 2005
Vigilantes of Montana, The Dimsdale, Prof Thomas J 978-0-7627-2568-7 1864
Indian Uses of Native Plants Murphey, Edith Van Allen 0-916638-15-4 1990
Old Ways of Working Wood: Techniques and Tools Bealer, Alex W 0-517-69313-5 1980
Montana Native Plants & Early Peoples Hart, Jeff 978-0-917298-29-5 1996
Roget’s 21st Century, in dictionary form Princeton Lang Institue 978-0-440-24269-7 3rd ed
Roget’s concise international Chapman, Robert L, ed 0-06-100709-9 1994
Bullies, Bastards & Bitches: How to write bad guys Morrell, Jessica Page 978-0-58297-484-2 2008
The Fire in Fiction: passion, purpose, and technique Maass, Donald 978-0-58297-506-1 2009
The Right Horse: An Owners’ and Buyers’ Guide; Feb 2010 Macdonald, Janet W 0-413-51090-5 1991
Cowboy Culture: A Saga of Five Centuries Dary, David 978-070060390-9 1989
Recipes from Scotland McNeil F. Marian first pub 1946 1952
Map: Beaverhead-Deerlodge: National Forest Central (Montana) US Forest Service, USDA 978159351065-7 2008
Map: Beaverhead-Deerlodge: National Forest South (Montana) US Forest Service, USDA 978159351067-1 2008
Montana Sweet Grass County: Melville – Boulder R valley Smith, Phyllis 0-615-12200-0 2002
Tri-County Atlas: Meagher/ Sweet Grass/ Carbon info 978-1-60725-605-2 2008
Scottish Tartans, the: With Historical Sketches of Clans and Families of Scotland Johnson & Bacon 0-7179-4502-2 1945/ 1978
Best Little Stories from the Wild West (TRUE) Kelly, C. Brian 978-1-4351-2643-5 2010
William Bullock & Co. Hardware Catalogue 1805 – 1885 Algrove Classic Reprint 1-894572-77-7 1850
American Frugal Housewife, The Child, Lydia Maria 978-0-486-40840-8 1844
The American Journey: Vol II 1865 to 2003 + CD to 2003 Prentice Hall pub 0-13-192099-5 2006
Western Emigrant Trails 1820-1870: Historic Trails, Cutoffs, and Alternates Western Emigrant Trails Research Center 1999
House Styles in America 1640 to 1960, architecture Massey, James C/ Maxwell, Shirley 0-14-028112-6 1996
Collected Short Stories vol 7: Frontier Stories — fiction L’Amour, Louis 978-0-553-80768-4 2009
Heroes, Villains, Dames & Disasters: 150 Years of Front-Page Stories from the Rocky Mountain News (1859 on) Madigan, Michael 978-0-9823775-0-5 2009
Rocky Mountain Mining Camps: The Urban Fronteir Smith, Duane A 978-1-932738-77-3 2009
Pioneer Women: The Lives of Women on the Frontier (photoessay) Peavy, Linda & Smith, Ursula 978-0-8061-3054-5 1996
Horseback Riding: Complete Idiot’s Guide (English style) Jahiel, Jessica 0-02-863933-2
Edible Wild Plants & Useful Herbs: Basic Essentials Meuninck, Jim 0-7627-0479-9 1999
Animal Tracks, Trails and Signs, The Larouse Guide to Brown, RW; Lawrence, MJ & Pope, J 0-88332-366-4 1984
Mammals of North America: Temperate/ Arctic Regions Forsyth, Adrian 1-55209-409-X 1999
Wildlife of North America, a field guide to the Richard, Bryan 978-1-4075-7559-3 2009
Upstairs Girls: Prostitution in the American West Rutter, Michael 978-1-56037-357-5 2005
Healthy Living 1850 – 1870 Youman, A.E. via Katy F. Hamilton 13-978-1-889023-007 1996
New Edge of the Anvil: resource book for the blacksmith Andrews, Jack 978-1-879535-09-1 1994



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