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Boxed sets: a great way to meet new authors

After an author has been published for a while, how to do you get new readers to try your books?

Offer a boxed set of the first few books in each series, at a seriously low price!

cover, Highland Menage vol 1 boxed set

Volume 1 features the first two pair of MacDougal brothers in Highland Scotland during the late 1580s

If you like hot Montana cowboys, I’ve got a series set in the 1870s as the gold rush is cooling down (Bride Train, 9 books) and an ongoing contemporary series featuring their descendants (Climax, Montana series, 5 published to date).

While three ranchers shared a wife when Tanner’s Ford Valley was first established, today they’re down to two. They still keep many of their pioneer ways, including a lifestyle of Dominant males and submissive (but very strong-minded and feisty) females.

For more adventure, how about eight sets of bold MacDougal Highlanders fighting to survive in the late 1580s (Highland Menage series)?

I take my research seriously, so I spent three weeks in Highland Scotland in 2014, driving over 1,000 miles to visit castles from Oban to Wick. I even met Laird MacDougal of MacDougal himself!

In 2017 I went back for another three weeks to tour the areas which will be featured in the last three pairs of brothers.

The Highland Menage Collection, Volume 1 is now available for pre-order (available February 23rd). For $4.99 you’ll get 164,795 words — for those who prefer page length, the four books are about 150 pages each.



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