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Beauty and the Beasts

Cover for Beauty and the BeastsBride Train #6: June 1, 1872

Thanks to Jessie Elliott, now Langford, and many men from Tanner’s Ford, Sarah Unsworth was rescued from a Bannack City brothel.

Sarah insists she’ll never again trust a man who says he loves her as words mean nothing. Even if she wanted anything to do with a husband, no decent man would accept her. She has hope for the future thanks to the reward she receives for helping to catch the handsome man who pretended to be her fiancé and then sold her.

As an unmarried woman she cannot buy property, so she enlists the help of lawyer Ben Elliott. He acts as the intermediary, buying the old assay office from banker Hugh Jennet.

Gabriel Downey’s family has been servants to Luke Frost’s wealthy family for generations. Gabe can’t remember a time he didn’t have to watch over Luke. For years, he waited while Luke and some lovely woman did things Gabe knew would never happen. He was built like a beast, and no decent woman would want him.

And then he saw Sarah Unsworth. She looked him in the eyes and put her dainty little white hand in his bear paw without flinching. When he wrapped her in that blanket and carried her out he knew he’d found the only woman he’d ever care about.

Luke Frost barely survived the saber slash that forever destroyed his handsome looks. The war, and those who took advantage of it, destroyed his home, his family, and did their best to destroy his honor as well.

He’s desperate to rebuild the proud Frost name and for that he needs a wife. Sarah’s pretty, she can cook, and since she was held in a brothel for days, some men might not want her. He hopes he can convince her to marry him and live on the Circle C ranch.

Oscar Cutler’s father was a burly, dark-haired man who lived to fight. He married an Irish woman with lots of curly red hair and dragged her into the dust. Oz got his mother’s height and hair, which drove his father berserk. His method to help Oz be a real man was to beat him up as often as possible, encouraging his brothers to do the same.

Each of them have skeletons rattling in their closets along with personal demons to slay. Can they work together to create a family?

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