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An excursion to buy power tools

There are times in a gal’s life when she has to venture into the unknown. To boldly go where many men have eagerly tread, but women tend to be hesitant.

In this case, the unknown was a store that sells, among other things, Power Tools.

Yes, my friends, I mean those objects that vibrate with use. I had one that was okay, but it wasn’t powerful enough. I needed something with a bigger buzz.

I set foot in the store, pretending to be unfazed by the proportion of men to women. The men tended to avert their eyes, though they let them trail after the women dressed in, shall we say, more inviting clothing.

I walked down the aisles, amazed at what interesting things were not only produced, but were purchased!

No children in view, the men happily reached for the products, lovingly brushing their hands over the smooth sides. I almost blushed at what might be going through their heads. I saw a display for Hitachi. I’d heard about such things, but couldn’t face getting close as a man stood nearby, touching the display.

Being unfamiliar with such things in a practical sense (I have read magazines and watched shows, after all), I furtively watched to see how the men touched them. Was that to be used for what I thought it might?

My companion, far more used to such things, showed me the way to the correct section of the store. A salesman asked if he could help. Oh, gosh, this was the moment.

“I’m looking for something smaller than that,” I said, pointing to a device that looked far too big to fit me.

The salesman nodded. “We have products designed for those with smaller, ah, hands.”

He brought me to a display of yellow and black power tools. He opened a box with a set of two tools, each with its own rechargeable battery, with a case and belt loop for easy portability.

They looked as if they suited my size, so I picked one up. Even with the battery installed, it wasn’t too heavy. It was already charged, so I pulled the trigger. The vibration was there, but it didn’t make my hand buzz too much. It even had a light so you could see what was being screwed. To top it off, the set was on sale.

“I’ll take them,” I said.

I carried my purchase home, eager to try it out.

“I need to screw something,” I said to my companion as soon as I opened my door and walked in.

He nodded, understanding my desire. He had his own power tools, but they were too heavy and powerful for me. Plus, they wouldn’t fit in my cupboard.

So we used my tools to install my new under-the-counter radio/CD player. He drilled the holes with my new drill, then I used the driver to put the screws in. It worked like a charm. The 18 volt set had just enough torque to do the job, and fits in my small hands perfectly.

When I’d cleaned up the sawdust I put the power drill and driver back in their distinctive black and yellow box. I looked around my new home, all mine unless I chose to share it with a friend now and then.

Then I got out the wine, put a CD in, and blasted Toby Keith’s “How Do You Like Me Now?”


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