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A Lady’s Vengeance: Now on Amazon

“What did ye just say to me, wife?”
Cormac MacDougal’s words might have been soft, but his intent was not….

Alana is still learning how far she can push her two husbands as she returns to Castle Girnigoe in Caithness to face her father.

Castle Girnigoe in Alana 's time

Castle Girnigoe in Alana ‘s time

Now that Alana is well with child, Cormac and James MacDougal bring her home to the very impressive castle her father, the Earl of Caithness, has built to showcase his own excellence.

This drawing is part of a display located near what is left of the castle.

The land of Caithness was once the bed of tropical Lake Orcadie on what was part of the North American Continental Plate, fifteen degrees south of the equator.

The sedimentary stones were laid down about 370 million years ago. They make excellent stones for building castle walls as they are flat.

Yett (iron gate) at entrance to Castle Girnigoe

Yett (iron gate) at entrance to Castle Girnigoe

After crossing the drawbridge you must pass through this tunnel and under the yett before you can enter Castle Girnigoe. As they are so tall, Cormac and James had to duck their heads.

If you look closely you may see how the gate fits in the gap on each side. Once down, it would be impossible to break through.

Keiss Castle, drawing by Andrew Spratt

Keiss Castle, drawing by Andrew Spratt

Keiss Castle (below) is a small, indefensible structure which provides a cozy home for a woman, her two husbands, and their family.

I used the actual floor plan in this book, including the window James looks out.

I highly recommend looking up the excellent series of drawings Andrew Spratt did of castles in the Caithess area.

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