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A Lady’s Seduction: Highland Menage 3

Lady Alana Sinclair needs an escort home...

Lady Alana Sinclair needs an escort home…

Alana’s time of quiet contemplation at Castle Fraser ends abruptly when her father, the powerful Earl of Caithness, demands she return home to marry her brutal cousin, William.

The Earl’s cruelty has killed off his other children and he needs Alana to produce grandsons as his heirs. Though she has been disgraced, she is all he has left.

Laird and Lady Fraser have grown fond of Alana during the decade she lived with them. Remembering Alana spoke fondly of Cormac and James MacDougal, as they fostered with her father, Fraser hires them to escort her from Inverness to Castle Girnigoe, at the far north-east tip of Scotland.

Alana is terrified of William, having barely survived the one time he attacked her. She vows to kill herself before allowing him to touch her again. Lady Fraser suggests she instead find a husband and get with child before she reaches her father.

Cormac and James know William and are determined to protect Alana. They’ve loved her for years, knowing they had no chance with the daughter of an earl.

Things are different now. To save her they must seduce her, marry her, and give her a babe. And MacDougals are well known for their ability to satisfy women…

Or will Alana be the one seducing?

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