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10 Highland Menage books in a year

Banner created by Siren-BookStrand, Inc to advertise the series

Banner created by Siren-BookStrand, Inc to advertise the series

Last year on this day I headed to Edinburgh, Scotland, for almost three weeks of research.

The weather was marvelous, the castles fantastic, the driving…interesting.

A thousand miles, much of it on small roads with few vehicles.

Cannich, north of Loch Ness

Cannich, north of Loch Ness

More than once I drove for miles up and down and around curves on a nearly one-lane road, wondering what would come around the corner toward me.

And when a lorry (big truck) suddenly appeared in front of me I had to remember to pull off to the left, not the right.

Between Wick and Inverness

Between Wick and Inverness

Since my return ten Highland Menage books have been published. That’s a total of 1,481 pages, 444,371 words carefully written, edited, and revised.

During that time I did little other than work.

The plan was for a book to come out every two weeks, starting in April.

That meant getting them written and to my publisher leaving plenty of time for professional editing, covers, marketing…

And that meant little time for other activities. I saved lots of money because I stayed home and worked so no gas, no impulse purchases, no food…

Crackers and cheese, or cottage cheese and fruit, provided protein and got me through until I could take a break.

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